Send money to Cuba

Send money to Cuba

Send money to Cuba

Sending money to Cuba is one of the most important and indispensable services needed for our Cuban families. In order to help as many families as possible we have created the service. With this service we hope to meet the needs of sending money to Cuba in a  safe, easy and fast manner.

The question then is, how to send money to Cuba?

The best way to send money to Cuba is through the debit card AIS. AIS remittance cards are similar to the debit cards we use in North America, Europe and Latin America. The cards provide many benefits including security of the money because its carried in a card, a security PIN is in place to access the funds, the ability to use your money in different places without carrying cash, the card has no fee or price for use in any location, the card you lets extract cash in Cuba from ATMs, banks, and hotels. The AIS cards also lets you use it in shopping centers, gas stations, restaurants and hotels in Cuba.

Reloading the AIS Card

You can reload your AIS card through some agencies over the internet. We recommend our service.

The reloading process is similiar in all agencies. There is a comission that is charged for the service and sometimes there is an exchange rate fee applied as well. In all the fees apply to service charges like our Customer Service and Bank Services that allows us to satisfy and attend all customers at maximum efficiency.

Always check with your agency sending money to Cuba to know what your fees for sending remittances to Cuba.

You cannot reload the AIS card in Cuba.

How to acquire an AIS Card

Acquiring an AIS remittance card for Cuba is simple. Register at and request a new card. It’s that simple. Best of all is that the card is free! All you need is your friend or your families name and ID card number.

The card is collected in one of the AIS card centres. There is a centre in each province of Cuba.

It takes 5 business days for a card to be ready in Havana. The card can take up to 12 days to be ready for pick up in other provinces outside of Havana.

Deposit time of the Remittance

In we have different deposit times. We have Regular and Express Deposit Times.

Regular Deposit is 24 business hours if you already have an AIS card.

Express Deposit is 2 business hours if you already have an AIS card.

Sending money to Cuba

Do not wait and register at and send your first remittance with us.

When you use, you are part of a series of services provided by Services include sending cakes and flowers to Cuba. Access to more than 25 shops with thousands of products including food products in Cuba like meat and chicken. Also refrigerators, bicycles, air conditioners, washing machines and more all in Cuba. Other services that may be of your liking may be the pharmacy that distributes medicines in Cuba. that provides furniture, ornaments and clothing made in Cuba by the best artisans that the island has to offer. The best thing about our service is the customer service. We have teams in Canada, USA and Cuba working hard to address your questions and meet your needs and those of your family in Cuba.

Column 1 Other Agencies Cash – Mulas
To Receive= 100CUC 117.26 USD* 119-122 USD 110-115 USD
Time to send 15  minutes on site 15 minutes on site 4-6 hours in trip
Express 2 hours NO NO
Regular 24 hours 24-48 hours 2-4 days

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*Price exchange rate of the day taken March 31, 2016